Lauren Minear

October 23rd, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Lauren Minear


"Lauren Minear reaffirms the universality of our complex human condition, and she does it with

class and sincerity".
- Ellen Woloshin for Music Connection

Lauren Minear is a critically-acclaimed, indie folk pop singer-songwriter, psychotherapist, and
mother based in New York. Her heartfelt lyrics, soulful voice, and undeniable wit have captivated
audiences at New York City music institutions such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall,
and Brooklyn Music Kitchen.

Lauren’s debut album, Invisible Woman, explores themes of identity, love, and loss, magnified
by her experience of being postpartum during the pandemic. The album embodies the basic
desire for connection and purpose during a uniquely isolating time. After hearing the title track,
Andrea Stople, multi-platinum songwriter, wrote, “[Lauren has] a gorgeous ability to write about
difficult things... and really connect...”.

Raised in Nashville, Lauren honed her craft under the mentorship of George Marinelli (long-time
guitar player for Bonnie Raitt), folk legend Steve Earle, acclaimed country music songwriter
Alice Randall, songwriter Joe Croker, and folk artist, Tom Prasada-Rao. Deeply passionate
about mental health, Lauren skillfully weaves her storytelling musical roots with contemporary
sonic influences to give language to human experience in a way that is both healing and
affirming to her listener.

Lauren's much-anticipated second album, a colorful exploration of visibility and self-discovery, is
expected late spring 2024. Lauren performs in and around NYC with her band, led by guitarist
Dan Barracuda. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms