Leila Pari w/ Olivia Reid and Viiq

April 12th, 2022 6:30pm   Stage 2


Leila Pari

Leila Pari is a multi-cultural singer & songwriter. She builds her shows from the ground up; writing all of her own music, producing, choreographing and creative directing. She is a multi-instrumentalist who loves to perform and connect with audiences about the beauty of being human, the struggle, and the strength we choose to have. Her raw narrative-based songwriting has captured well over a million individual listeners on Spotify. As a pop artist, Leila has performed in LA, New York, and London and her dream is to tour the world. To date she's worked with artists like Felix Cartal (8M monthly listeners), Tohi (8M+) Tahsan Khan (3M), Erfan Paydar (1.7M). She's worked with IndiePop, Redlight Management, ICM Partners and Wasserman Music.

“Modern Romantic” is a collection of stories from Leila’s life that unfold the journey between growing up in a small town with idyllic views of romance & the chaos of modern big-city dating. She wrote each song based on the lessons she’s learning about love, limits, & self discovery. In the last 7 months Leila decided to take a leap of faith and move across the country to write & then produce her 1st album. It is set to release in May of 2022.

Olivia Reid


NYC-based Olivia Reid is one of the most versatile up-and-coming personalities in music. As a performing artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and podcast host of Song Start by Spotify, she has her fingerprint on every facet of the industry. Known for blending organic, acoustic sounds with electronic pop, Reid's sound design transports listeners to another world. Her warm, welcoming vocals give life to songs that push the boundaries of folk-pop storytelling through contemplative lyric poetry.

Her debut EP “Earth Water” hit streaming platforms in Fall of 2021, and with her debut album on the way in 2022, it's just the beginning of the journey for Olivia Reid. In addition to the music, check out Olivia's podcast chats with artists like Sam Smith, and Hayley Williams, and Victoria Monét, as host and writer of the Spotify & Noteable series, Song Start. Learn more about Olivia at www.oliviareid.com.



Viiq is a Filipino/Italian singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer from New Jersey. She is a pop musician, but her music style is a unique sonic mixture of all the different genres that she loves. Typically, her sound is influenced lyrically by emo-punk rock music, sonically by EDM, and chordally by jazz piano. From a young age, she was classically trained in both piano and vocals. Eventually she began to write poetry, which blossomed into a love for the combined art of poetry through music. Since then, Viiq has been a songwriter not only for her own artist project, but as a ghostwriter for countless other pop and EDM artists. As a performer, she has performed at many large venues such as Madison Square Garden, Citi Field, Radio City Music Hall, and even at the SXSW music festival in Texas. While a firm grasp on music theory is certainly integral to her musical creative process, Viiq values spontaneity, lyrical concepts, and emotions over anything else while creating music. The most important things about a song created by Viiq is that it is clever, hits you deep in the gut, and has the ability to heal and connect those who listen to it.