Lili Greenberg

September 27th, 2023 8pm   Stage 1


Lili Greenberg


Lili Greenberg is singer, dancer, songwriter and creativity enthusiast born and raised on the lower east side of manhattan. Lili’s music is engaging and takes you on an emotional journey of singer songwriter style versus with lyrics that leave an impact on you and punk rock choruses and bridges that will leave you standing and dancing your heart out. Her 6 person band will have you with so many questions about the world as well as having had a blast. Her set is very interactive and has gotten much praise in many different places from many different people.

Her college band has been featured in many articles and most recently she went on a national tour with a musical called Hits! She has performed in many different sold out venues ranging from house parties with a full band to an open mic acoustic set with just a guitar and her. She has mostly played with her college band around western Massachusetts but is ready to break out into the music scene of her hometown, New York City.

She recently came out with two singles, “Let me Breathe” and “But Quietly” on all streaming platforms under her name Lili Greenberg. They take a recorded and more nuanced approach to her music but showcase her voice and talent very well. She uses her music to release her emotions and to connect with people and other artists and she wouldn't give it up for the world.