Lily DeTaeye

April 11th, 2023 6pm   Stage 1


Lily DeTaeye

Lily DeTaeye is an Americana songwriter that has been making music professionally for over 10 years. In 2022, she completed a five year contract with nonprofit record label Station 1 Records. Under that contract, she released two singles, one EP, and one full length album.

The full length album, BiTe Back (2019), was featured on DittyTV's Ditty Dozen and reviews for The E.P. (2017) were featured on Popmatters, Iowa Public Radio, and For Folk's Sake.

After the release of BiTe Back and her graduation from the University of Iowa in 2019, DeTaeye took to the road to begin full-time touring.

DeTaeye's sophomore album has been recorded at Golden Bear Studios over the course of two years. It features songs from DeTaeye's #NewSongNovember songwriting challenge which is in its 6th year in 2022 as well as songs that haven't made it onto previous albums. The album is due out in Summer of 2023.

DeTaeye is now located in New York City.