Love Crushed Velvet

October 7th, 2022 9pm   Stage 2


Love Crushed Velvet


The raw power of punk and the sonic blur of post-punk are back in full force in Souls and the Barren Heart, the new record from Love Crushed Velvet. The band features taut, visceral songs powered by the tension between classic and modern, between distortion and melody, between the power of the past and the allure of the new. All wrapped in a rich sonic landscape with dark and memorable hooks presented in a powerful live show.

“Are you ready to have your mind blown – but in a good way? Meet Love Crushed Velvet…” – Goldmine

“A really a fun listen…that will keep you coming back” – New Noise Magazine

"Diverse, edgy and enticing” – Top Shelf Music Magazine

“Carefully crafted songs combine elements of alternative, glam, post punk, new wave, modern and classic rock, and the roster of producers and musicians A.L.X. has worked with is impressive, to say the least.” – Top Shelf Music Magazine