April 4th, 2022 9pm   Stage 3


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Before creating her raw and revelatory debut body of work, singer/songwriter/producer Lowen experienced a transformation that entirely reshaped her identity as an artist. While embarking on the adventure of a lifetime and taking weeks and months at a time in living in countries across the globe she found herself. Soon after returning to the U.S. she and moved to Nashville and started writing songs again. This time embracing her instincts more fully than ever.

To honor that profound shift in perspective, she began creating music under the name Lowen (a nod to her mother’s maiden name and her German ancestors who’d emigrated to Colombia), then made her debut with 2019’s Only in My Dreams EP. Now in 2021 she’s releasing the second series of releases under the same moniker. The new releases promise to deliver her unguarded honesty while tapping into the vibrant musicality she first began cultivating as a child.

Self producing most of the project, Lowen now mainly records in her home studio, a room she deliberately set up to remind her of when she first started writing and to create from a space of fluidity and fun. While explaining her process she says, “In a lot of ways, the music I’m making now feels like when I was 13 or 14 or 15—when I was this kid playing drums in a band, then hopping over to the guitar and singing on a song, just flying by the seat of my pants.” Then adds, “It’s like a culmination of all the experiences I’ve had up until this point, except now I have the wherewithal to harness everything, and I know the exact lens I want to put it all through. I feel like I’m locked into what my vision is and how to express it without overthinking anything, and it feels so good to trust myself completely.”