Mackenzie Shivers

January 11th, 2020 8:30pm   Stage


Mackenzie Shivers

At a young age, Mackenzie told her mom she had music inside of her that "needed to come out." The piano has driven her emotive compositions since she started lessons at age 5, her fingers gracefully driving a poignant ballad or "pounding the keys with the reckless abandon of an 11-17-70 era Elton John" (The Village Voice).

Known for underpinning her classical training with an emotional essence, Shivers takes each sound, each vocal utterance, and nurtures them in their simplest form. Like individual colors on an artist's palette, knowing which pieces to blend together and which to lay side by side, she has a discernible skill for being able to distinguish contrast and focus all in the same view. The colors, textures, and entire landscape itself allures and charms the listener, pulling them into the stunning musical terrain.

While she draws inspiration from well-known artists like Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, Shivers is also consistently inspired by the eclectic musicians she collaborates with in NYC, including Bellehouse, Jess Clinton, Nikkiesha McLeod, Lance Breakfast, and more. Shivers' sound is constantly evolving yet instantly recognizable; listening to her work leaves you in no doubt that you've entered the vibrant and imaginative world of its creator.