Maria Lynn w/ Julia Shuren

May 31st, 2022 9pm   Stage


Maria Lynn

Rising musician Maria Lynn combines acoustic singer-songwriter harmonies and modern pop beats to create a beautiful blend of indie pop music that connects deeply with her over 150K monthly Spotify listeners. Her smooth alto and earnest lyricism paint pictures of her experience with friendships, relationships, mental health, belonging, and purpose. With over 39 million streams to date, Maria’s journey into music is one of simplicity and courage, as she used music to dive deep into self-discovery to unravel her true purpose in life. 

Julia Shuren

Songwriting Hall of Famer, Julia Shuren, is breaking musical boundaries with her unique blend of R&B/Soul, Pop and Jazz. Her soulful vocal arrangements, complex chord progressions and soaring melodies first caught the attention of legendary Motown arranger/songwriter Paul Riser (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Mary J Blige), and shortly after was featured on PBS “Detroit Performs” for her songwriting abilities.

After internationally recognized producer, Kygo reposted her cover of “Like It Is,” she gained some attraction and started collaborating with other artists and producers including production duo WAMI, who released with her, “Life Is Good” which received over 160,000 streams and landed her on Spotify’s biggest playlist, “New Music Friday.”

Since then Julia has been consistently collaborating with musicians, producers and songwriters around the globe (New York, Canada, Nashville, London, Italy). She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Music Composition at NYU, while working on her first solo released EP which will be released early this summer.