Maria Wirries: The Elephant In The Room

March 16th, 2023 7pm   Stage 1


Maria Wirries

Maria Wirries was born in Haiti and has spent her life training as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer. She studied musical theatre at Penn State University and since graduating has performed in multiple shows on and off Broadway, as well as recording an 8-song album and a 4-song EP of her original music alongside several singles. All of her recordings are a prime example of her range and versatility as a powerful vocalist and captivating songwriter. She has made a name for herself as a solo performer, headlining shows at different venues around NYC and Florida, her home state. Her influences stretch across all genres of music including rock, pop, soul, country, hip-hop, jazz, EDM, folk, and musical theatre, and her artistry reflects that. Maria's music can be found on all streaming services.