Marius Pibarot

January 19th, 2020 3pm   Stage 1


Marius Pibarot

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Based in Paris, Marius is half French, half American. He plays violin, double bass, mandolin, sings and composes. He studied jazz at the Paris region conservatory (CRR), and with Christian Howes in the US. He goes to the US once a year, especially New York, to play and learn in the bluegrass, old time and jazz scene there.

He leads his own duo violin/cello, in which he mixes his own compositions with other tunes and songs of as many influences as the different bands he's part of (bluegrass, Armenian, Tukish, Venezuelan, French music...)

Plays violin, double bass, cuatro, and sings, in the Collectif Medz Bazar which composes et arranges the traditional musics from Anatolia, Caucasius and Balkan, adding jazz, hip-hop, bluegrass and latino influences. The kind of music which breaks mental and political barriers thanks to its lyrics and energy.

Plays violin in the Ben Somers' String Band, a european bluegrass/new acoustic band based in London, which explores bluegrass and goes beyond, with a lot of jazz influences especially in the original songs.

Plays violin with Sarah Savoy, a cajun singer and accordeon player. Cajuns are french speaking people from Louisianna, and have a very energetic folk music!

Plays double bass in Avila Quartet, a Venezuelan band which arranges and composes traditional Venezuelan Music, adding jazz and classical music influences

Plays double bass in A La Vaca Mariposa, in which Emmanuelle Saby sings traditional Venezuelan repertoire as well as her own compositions, accompanied by Cristobal Soto