Matty Frank

May 2nd, 2022 9pm   Stage 1


Matty Frank


Matty Frank is a singer/songwriter/composer/producer person living in Brooklyn. He's been composing instrumentals ever since he tried a melody sequencer app on his dad's flip phone in like 2004. He's also a former choir/a cappella kid and has been writing songs for around 3 years.

Drawing from sound palettes of video games and cinema, as well as the vocal stylings of unattainable greats like Yebba, Mariah Carey, and Thom Yorke, he creates alt-pop indie-rock folk-adjacent songs like none other. He is always singing about nostalgia, neglect, religion, and/or queer issues. "Do you ever write songs that are happy?", a friend once asked him. Come find out the answer yourself!

You can hear his latest EP, American Sadboi, on all streaming platforms.