Maya Shaw

October 17th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1


Maya Shaw

A couple of years ago, Maya Shaw received a Dropbox folder from her brother containing 1,370 unpublished songs her Grandpa Irwin ‘Baba’ Shaw wrote in NY between the years 1960-1994. She then set out on a quest to compose music to the words of the grandfather she never knew.

Today, at 22, Maya has released her debut single, “Looking Up,” the first song from this project. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her first album.

You can consider it a bridge across time and generations - relevant and relatable.
Maya is a multidisciplinary pianist-singer-songwriter, touching fashion, art, and cinema. She’s a classically trained pianist from the age of 4 and a music student graduate of “Rimon” School of Music. She also studied cinema and production in high school.
Maya has a warm nostalgic voice, influenced by Regina Spector, Kate Bush, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, Fairuz, Mozart and many more.