November 5th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1




MCP is a world touring, classically trained singer and multidisciplinary artist with a background in theatre, therapy, and jazz. An entertainer at heart, her music falls at the intersection of soul, folk, blues, & jokes. Stories of laughter and love woven in with the pain of heartbreak and trauma offer harmony to heavy memories, and bring people together to heal.

Guided by music and art and hope and love, MCP invites us to make sense of the nonsense, and to seek out meaningful connections and new life amidst change and loss.

MCP has written over 100 songs since 2005 and is a multi-medium artist. and is currently based in the Bronx with her dog, Barbara Jean (17) and cat, Shelbie Jack (9). You can find her performing all over NYC, Detroit, and across the state of Texas.