Me And My Two Horses

February 8th, 2020 4pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Me And My Two Horses

With Kristin Theresa Drechsler aka Me And My Two Horses From the bittersweet dark ballad to the bursting noise catharsis, her sound spectrum likes to move on the edges, which are familiar attributions and oppose a definitive assignment. Drechsler did not find his way to music until late, namely in the winter of 2012 when his student friend came up with an old piano, but already such a cover produced song material that nobody ensures that this one-day music project is atrophied.

The strange name Me And My Two Horses reflects the difficulty in classifying them. I and my two horses. What exactly that means becomes clearer when you listen to the music. Because here you will witness a concentrated load of energy, of forces that argue, drag around and always find your own balance.
The doctorate in philosophy breaks the boundaries of genre with a matter of course that avant-garde heart relieved at their concerts, because it notes: It is not all said. It is far from being said. But even pop hearts can hardly escape the charm of their sound universe. So wrote the Orkus! Magazine in spring 2019 on the occasion of the release of her debut album "No Man's Land": "The throne of the dark pop queens can expect something". But I and my two horses don't want a crown on my head. She prefers to dig into the foundations of human existence and make them glow with piano, accordion and voice - sometimes she also uses a hammer and steel plate.

Tone for tone, the self-taught and DIY artist, who also makes her music videos herself, smashes with a frightening lightness of the everyday mask game that we all know. Pain, anger and contempt meet melancholy and a spirit of optimism. But even if their multifaceted and at the same time minimalist sound world doesn't shy away from confrontation, you shouldn't be afraid of yourself, but you shouldn't be ashamed if it scares you. In every respect or situation ”(Stephan Wolf, Sonic Seducer).

Me And My Two Horses is music that you have to experience. Music that celebrates the beauty of destruction - not to deny life, but to penetrate to its depths. Soap & Skin, Nick Cave, Agnes Obel or Patti Smith is on the scene.