Miles Hewitt, Glenn Echo, Emma Geiger

November 22nd, 2022 8:30pm   Stage


Miles Hewitt

Miles Hewitt is a musician and poet residing in Brooklyn. His debut full-length, Heartfall, arrived in August 2022 to critical raves, including from The Boston Globe, who wrote: “A simply brilliant debut record . . . by turns intimate and epic.” A dark green dream of life and death, it features an all-star cast, including members of the bands of Devendra Banhart, Aldous Harding, Kevin Morby, and more.

Glenn Echo


Back in 2015, Matt Gaydar decided to put his best foot forward under the moniker Glenn Echo, a nod to the street he grew up on. After studying classical composition in college, he learned to appreciate the use of orchestral instruments within indie rock and experimental music. He then left town to live in Nashville, TN and Northampton, MA for a handful of years where he began reimagining his song sketches as something much bigger. Ultimately teaming up with engineer/producer Peter Brownlee to record an album coming out in 2021 called Fixed Memory.

Emma Geiger

Emma Geiger's ethereal folk music has emerged from a life spent creating from daydreams and curiosity, investigating the intricacies of heartbreak and presenting them with wonder and honesty. In April, 2022, she released her debut EP 'Haven' with Seattle Indie label, Ghost Mountain Records- for the album release, she performed alongside a 16mm film, self-shot and edited to accompany the album. Her more recent songs since 'Haven' continue along the same lines of inquiry while delving deeper and more fearlessly into a constantly shifting internal world. In the spring of 2022 she began recording her second collection of songs at Betty's in Chapel Hill, NC.