Mimi Oz w/ Martina Fiserova

July 29th, 2022 6:15pm   Stage 2


Mimi Oz


Canadian songwriter and visual artist Mimi Oz has been writing and performing her original works since 2011. Her debut album Three Of Swords was produced by Canadian songwriter-film maker and professor, Bob Wiseman. In 2015 Oz, released her self-produced sophomore album, Men Who Never Loved Me, funded by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). She toured the album in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Oz’s work often revolves around intertwined themes of love and politics. A jazz-influenced folk songwriter, her songs channel ’50s and ’60s pop, gospel, soul, rock ’n’ roll and punk; with a tendency towards dramatic mid-song twists and turns.

Martina Fiserova


Martina Fiserova is a Prague born singer and musician, currently residing in NYC. She grew up in a family of musicians and became hooked on jazz. She has performed with many artists at jazz festivals and venues throughout Europe (Czech republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey) as well as Taiwan and Vietnam. As a singer and lyricist she collaborated in renowned Czech bassist Jaryn Janek's album "These people", writing in English, Czech and German. In 2012 she released her spontaneously recorded debut jazz CD "Clearing Fields" that features Grammy nominated hammond organ player and pianist Brian Charette. Her latest CD "Shift", stamps her mark on the NYC arts scene, and was created both in Europe and in the USA. Supported by skilled international jazz players, Martina introduces her original material and creative production. "Shift reveals the maturing and development of an artist, who is not looking back" - James Nadal, All About Jazz