Miss Maybell & Charlie Judkins

May 27th, 2023 4pm   Stage 1



Miss Maybell & Charlie Judkins play a large repertoire of early Jazz, Ragtime and Blues from the 1890’s - 1920’s. They source their tunes from dusty old 78 records and antique sheet music, trying to give new life to songs created over 100 years ago! With this unique sound and dedication they were recently featured on The NPR Show “Person, Place, Thing” with Randy Cohen. They have a sizable local following from residencies at Birdland Theater as well as venues such as Flatiron Room, Chez Josephene, The Back Room, The Refinery Hotel, St Mazie and Sleep No More. They also have an international following from performing regularly in Europe, recently headlining Sevilla Swing in Seville, Spain and selling out a week of shows at Marian's Jazz Room in Bern, Switzerland.