February 15th, 2022 7pm   Stage


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Tammy Huynh often feels like a sunflower. Though the blossoms reach majestic heights in adulthood, young sunflowers tend to follow the sun as they grow, changing their position throughout the day. But when they reach maturity, the sunflowers stay fixed in the east, self-assured and strong-willed. With her debut album, Huynh has found her footing in the east as frontwoman, artist, animator and songwriter for mitamu and arrived on Philadelphiaʼs indie and avant-garde scenes fully formed. sunflower in the east, the product of three yearsʼ worth of perfecting the bandʼs set and lineup at live shows throughout the Philly area, is out now.

As Huynhʼs first full-length release, sunflower is influenced by everything from city pop and Radiohead to video game aesthetics and the poetry of Leonard Cohen. The record is a tribute to the trials and triumphs of growing up, learning to be vulnerable, and maintaining a creative existence in a commodified world. Through poignant lyrics and creative production, it breathes with nostalgia for the romance of youth from a more sophisticated future. This bittersweet vista is Huynhʼs own life, each song marking a significant moment and flowing with improvisation and poetry. The record begins and ends