Mona Mee

May 13th, 2023 7pm   Stage 1



Quickly becoming the industry's fastest rising talent, Mona Mee is an American singer, songwriter, recording artist, and actress. This young, exotic artist of Egyptian, Tunisian and European descent, brings with her a style, charm, and sultry sound that has been described by producers as "heartbreaking, beautiful, and addictive." Surrounded by the chaos and turmoil of growing up in the inner city, Mona Mee found comfort and exhilaration in music. As a young child, her talents shined bright when she picked up her first guitar and blew her family away when they found that the music simply poured out of her. Self-taught in guitar and piano, her impressive ear for melody has allowed her to bring her unique twist to the world of Pop and R&B. Mona Mee has been performing on stages in theatre plays and recording in studios since the age of 12, entertaining audiences with her polished sound and compelling charisma. Her creativity is admired by industry insiders, often working closely with respected grammy award winning producers on music composition, lyrics, and vision. She is also often sought after by artists and other actors from across the board for collaboration projects. Today, Mona Mee put out the release of her first single, “You're No Good For Me” and is primed to make her first debut appearance on several tv and film productions set out for 2023.