Monty Kelvin

August 26th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1


Monty Kelvin

Eternally Traveling The Cosmos, Monty Kelvin Is Here Now, On Earth Delivering The Message, Living The Message, Being The Message… Oneness, Freedom, Love, Enlightenment.

Monty’s Music? Well It’s More Like If The Energies of Michael Jackson, Prince & Sun Ra Formed A Galaxy… A Galaxy Whose Guardians Are James Brown, Little Richard, David Bowie and the Queen Of Rock & Roll, Tina Turner… We Call This Music, This Great Cosmic Sound, Monty Magic!

The Greatest Showman Alive, Monty Kelvin Is A Once In A Century Talent, Show, Act YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS.

Bring A Friend And Tell That Friend 2 Bring Some Friends, To A Show That Is Going Down In History, Saturday August 28th, 2023 11pm @ Rockwood Music Hall!