June 4th, 2022 10pm   Stage 1




Upcoming release: “The Bitch in Me” single - May 4th

"The Bitch in Me," a punchy song about clashing personalities and what happens when you give in to your inner bitch. It’s a bop with totally relatable, cleverly comedic lyrics. MuMu’s storytelling is so on point, we feel like her best-friend across the table exclaiming, "Yaaas girl, spill that tea!"

"The Bitch in Me" was inspired by a real person (who shall remain unnamed) who’s world revolves around money and aristocracy. The only thing they’re passionate about is securing the best table at the new Michelin five-star restaurant. MuMu confides, "I feel like a bitch saying all this even now after I’ve written a song about it. I was raised in a family of six women. Women are my muse. I write and sing for them. I live and love with them. I wanted desperately to love this new neighbor-woman, but she brought out the bitch in me."

She continued, "What I learned in the process of writing this song was that it’s ok for me to not like everyone. I don’t need to be puking hearts and farting rainbows all day every day wherever I go. I can get angry, I can be resentful, I can write a bitchy song about my bitchy neighbor and hope to goddess she never hears it."

"The Bitch in Me" is a lyrically brazen F.U. that compels us to dance like no one is watching with arms and legs thrashing about as if we’re attempting to burst through the hierarchical stigma that’s been cast upon us. It’s an anthem for the other 99%.