Nate Sassoon: Piano Improvisation +

November 22nd, 2023 9pm   Stage 2


Nate Sassoon

Nate Sassoon, a musical marvel, is celebrated for his extraordinary ability as a spontaneous improviser and a classical pianist. With an inherent talent for creating on-the-spot magic, Nate effortlessly navigates from Baroque to modern and contemporary styles, leaving audiences in awe.

A melodist composer at heart, Nate infuses his compositions with captivating melodies that resonate with listeners. His creative skills extend to scoring plays, as seen in his contributions to the off-Broadway productions "Baudelaire's Passion" in 2023 and "Sentenced to This Vessel" in 2021, where he also showcased his acting talents.

With an undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford as part of his academic foundation, Nate is currently pursuing a triple major in his master's degree at the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana, specializing in composition, historical performance in fortepiano/harpsichord, and computer music composition. This educational background, combined with his artistic versatility, positions Nate Sassoon as an exciting and a unique artist in the world of music