Nathan Brouillet

December 15th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Nathan Brouillet

Nathan Brouillet is a New York City and LA based singer-songwriter and musician who’s musical styles range from folk rock to indie rock and pop music.

In 2016 Nathan released the EP Blue & Grey (Produced by Josh Lattanzi), a beautiful and honest production, letting the songs and vocal harmonies shine through. The release of 2019’s singles, I Follow A Light and Angels In America, (Produced by Dave Wanamaker) showcase a sonic progression of edgier rock and shiny pop to songwriting and production direction. The release of 2020’s EP Elegy (Produced by Josh Lattanzi) was a marriage of his past releases.

This year Nathan will be releasing the new single, Ghostshow, showcasing a tighter production and a shimmery guitar driven pop sensibility.