Nicholas Podany

September 7th, 2023 8:30pm   Stage 2


Nicholas Podany


I wanted to be a musician since I saw That Thing You Do when I was 3. At least, that's what my parents tell me. As their story goes, it wasn't long before I found my mom's bass, tucked away in a closet under the stairs. It was a 1960 Gibson SG bass with flat wound strings from her days of playing the clubs in LA with her college band, The Bangles. I didn't really have much of a choice, cause that bass looked way too good. I created a band of my own, playing everywhere from the Roxy all the way to opening for Maroon 5 at the Microsoft Theatre.

In 2014, I left LA to study acting at Juilliard in New York. There, I found a total explosion of music. I was going to jazz clubs, friends' orchestral concerts, operas, tiny cramped rock shows downtown. I remember my mind got blown open after listening to Kendrick's To Pimp A Butterfly for the first time, walking through Riverside Park with my mouth hanging open. I was studying acting, but every night, I was rushing to my apartment, trying to write out that latest melody before it left my mind. My room wall was plastered with pieces of paper, scribbled with lyrics from all my favorite songs... Frank Ocean, Regina Spektor, Led Zeppelin, on and on.

After graduating, I went on to play Albus Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. But writing never stopped, the newest Logic file on my computer in the back of my mind. And there's only more to come. I can't wait for you to hear it.