Nick Atkinson

February 13th, 2022 7pm   Stage 3


This is a 100% COVID-19 vaccinated event. All guests, staff, and artists must be FULLY vaccinated to enter the building. For full admittance and safety guidelines, please visit

Nick Atkinson

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‘Do I know you or do you know me?’ Yes. You’ve seen this face before.

You’ve immursed yourself in the cloud of cigarettes & broken dreams that is Maximilian Martel at The McKittrick Hotel. Maybe you got tipsy
with one of Nick’s other alter egos online at a Little Cinema event? He’s been spotted in magazines, on billboards & in the bawdiest of backrooms from Brooklyn to Bel Air.

In 2022 you’ll catch him on tv in How I Met Your Father & at the movies in the Australian thriller: Avarice. The wonder from down under
hits Rockwood Music Hall for his first time, with an intimate evening of moonlight & love songs.

If you’ve never had your heart broken in any of the five Burroughs? Now’s your chance.

A funky little Valentine’s pre-game delight with that old devil, Nick.

Live. Raw. Romantical.