Nick Atkinson

February 13th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2


This is a 100% COVID-19 vaccinated event. All guests, staff, and artists must be FULLY vaccinated to enter the building. For full admittance and safety guidelines, please visit

Nick Atkinson

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‘Do I know you or do you know me?’

Yes, you’ve heard him utter those famous words, & you've seen that face before.

You may have immursed yourself in the cloud of cigarettes & broken dreams
that was Maximilian Martel at The McKittrick Hotel; maybe you got tipsy with one
of Nick’s other alter egos online at a Little Cinema event? He’s been spotted in
magazines, billboards & in the bawdiest of backrooms from Brooklyn to Bel Air.

In 2022 you’ll catch him on TV in How I Met Your Father & at the movies in
the Australian thriller: Avarice. This wonder from down under hits the stage
at Rockwood Music Hall for his first time, with an intimate evening of moonlight & love songs.

Accompanied by special guests: the brilliant Emmy Award winning Lance Horne on piano, the awesome Daniel Devlin on cello, the extraordinary Alphonso Horne on Trumpet, the bangin’ Josh Roberts on drums, the vocals of the divine Lauren Elder and a guest appearance by the dreamy Julia Haltigan.

If you’ve never had your heart broken in any of the five boroughs? Now’s your chance.

A funky little Valentine’s pre-game delight with that old devil, Nick & friends.

Live. Raw. Romantical.