Cloud Factory

June 15th, 2022 11pm   Stage 1


Cloud Factory


Cloud Factory is a forward-thinking jazz fusion project based in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Playing both their original compositions and new arrangements of jazz, pop, hip hop, and electronic music, they deliver a dynamic and innovative musical experience unlike anything you have heard before. A wide range of music inspires their work, from the pioneers of jazz fusion in the 1960s, to late 20th century ECM artists, to modern electronic, funk, and hip hop music. The Nick Schrope trio searches for new and exciting music, while using improvisation as a tool to communicate with with their audience.

The band features bassist Billy Stark, a founding member of the popular New England jam band KRIS and who is currently studying at the New England Conservatory; drummer James Muschler, member of the NYC band Mink and New School alumnus; as well as keyboardist Nick Schrope, a New Jersey native, founding member of the Vermont jazz fusion band The Big Sip, and teacher at Architekt school of music.