Nico Padden & Debbie Deane

June 5th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


The Ladybeast Collective presents…

Nico Padden

Nico Padden is a one-woman folk-rock riot. Ben Folds said she has “a big voice, gorgeous voice,” and that her song Pirate Queen is “original and classic at the same time.” Her 2016 album A Light in the Dark,’ with songs about finding hope amidst difficult circumstances, was a Long Island local sleeper hit, selling over 1,000 copies and streaming over 3,000 times. Her songs have been compared to Alanis Morisette’s work in Newsday, and Smithtown Matters News called her a “soulful singer & lyricist.”

Her newest album, recorded & mixed by Kevin Kelly at The Workshoppe East in Huntington, is due for release in 2021. Entitled, “Pirate Queen,” the work is a mix of Americana, vintage pop/rock, and folk that celebrates the strength of the fierce, brave women in her life. Pirate Queen is about taking back the crown that is rightfully yours, even if by slightly unorthodox means.

Debbie Deane

Third-generation Brooklyn, NY songstress Debbie Deane carries the jazz-infused, piano-fired torch of Carole King and Laura Nyro. A passionate songwriter with a penchant for jazz-flavored chords and soulful vocals, she is back with a new album Red Ruby Stars from ModernIcon/Ropeadope Records.

Scott Yanow, jazz and blues journalist, says, “Debbie Deane’s soul-searching set of new songs on Red Ruby Stars straddles the boundaries between modern folk, sophisticated pop, and funky groove music”.
JazzReview says, “A languid, yet crisp and emotive delivery, and soul to burn……”.
“Check out this modern songstress who joins such artists as Joni Mitchell in the realm of modern, progressive songwriting. —Dave Dorkin, Fuse Magazine

Deane’s songs have been featured on TV’s “Party of Five,” on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s album Let’s Go Bang, and in a number of indie films.