Nico Violet

May 4th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1



Nico Violet is a performing/recording project of New York based artist and musician, Reid Devereaux. Having released music under different monikers such as red 33 and his birth name, as well as producing for other artists, Nico Violet is his most focused sound and project to date. Growing up playing jazz, Nico Violet is a less produced project focused on merging improvisation and more soulful harmony into a rock context. Self-described as "cassette soul rock", the low fidelity imbued production on the recordings blanket the soulful compositions with a haunting atmosphere of tape noise and echo. As the “Nico Violet project” comes to an end, the recent release “I.II” and the following live performances are a taste and experimentation of the sound that will follow for Devereaux’s work.