Nikolett Pankovits & Chuño

June 20th, 2022 10:30pm   Stage


Nikolett Pankovits

New York based Hungarian vocalist Nikolett Pankovits moved to New York City in 2010 and has made a name for herself by combining the music of her homeland with Latin rhythms and jazz sensibility. Having played such venues as Carnegie Hall, the Blue Note, and Joe’s Pub with acclaimed conceptual shows, she has also released two well- received albums, Magia (2016) and River (2021).

Now, again working with the producer of her two albums, Juancho Herrera, Pankovits has initiated a new project that is planned to eventually grow into an album that showcases the beauty of diversity in her life. Connecting the content to this idea, the lyrics will be poems by international poets—covering different continents and each song will connect to a color theme.

Her music, always highly personal, reaches a new level of intimacy on the first track, “Come By the Sea.” The song exists outside of genre boundaries, stripped to the essentials of music—lush harmonies, bountiful melodies, lithe rhythms—that of course relate to jazz but transcend it.


Chuño is an experimental music duo originated by two Argentinian, New York City-based musicians, percussionist Franco Pinna and singer Sofia Tosello.

Chuño blends the rhythms and melodies of South and Central America, using the “Arpa Legüera”, an instrument that evokes the sounds of a Charango, African Kora, and Asian Koto. Arpa Legüera was invented and crafted by Franco P. in 2013.

Franco’s setting includes drum set, percussion from around the world alongside the Arpa. On the other hand Sofia Tosello brings the warmth, the storytelling and the passionate interpretation of the lyrics.