Nina Lee

November 28th, 2023 7pm   Stage 2


Nina Lee

Nina Lee will charm you with her smoky vocals, classy demeanor and weathered lyrics when she steps onto a stage. When she steps off, she becomes a self deprecating social butterfly. A songwriter, a story-teller, singer, performer, and multi instrumentalist- Nina is a born entertainer. As native New Yorker, Nina has a refined grit unlike most 21year olds. Growing up surrounded by different cultures, has solidified the importance of purpose for Nina. You don’t know where you are going too, unless you can appreciate the long line of giants who paved the way to make your dreams possible. Nina appreciates authenticity above all else, and is addicted to high of creating music, and the magic of sharing it.

Nina’s lastest album, Damn These Voices, is achieving critcal success, including having the song Go Baby Go featured in Gal Gadot’s new movie, Heart of Stone, on Netflix, the song River featured on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, and the song For the Bitches featured on Amazon Prime’s The Lake, among other placements.

The 2022 W.A.M. Awards recognized Nina as its overall Grand Prize Winner and also awarded her song, Changing Lanes, the W.A.M. Award for Best Soul/R&B Song.

Opener: Club Lotus