Nora Palka

January 30th, 2020 10pm   Stage 1


Nora Palka

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When Nora’s not out pounding pavement in these streets, you can find her attending comedy shows, open mics or just in her natural environment (home on a Friday night in a facemask).

She’s as big a fan of self-care as she is of adding a little sunshine to the world around her. Always seeking new ways to make people laugh and making new friends in cool places, she’s been told by many “I wish I could keep you in my pocket!”

With an inextinguishable fire in her belly, for Nora creating is second nature, channeled through songwriting, sketch-writing, ukulele and piano playing, spontaneous singing with harmony and original jingle jams. Whether her audience is a crowded piano bar on a Thursday night at Duplex, or just her roommate’s cats during her morning routine, you can always count on Nora to light up a room.