Phillip, Olivia Reid

March 28th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 2



Brooklyn-based indie artist Phillip is a desert rat at heart, but is pleased to have found a musical home in the NYC scene. Her drummer calls Phillip's ethereal vocals and dreamy instrumentation "Spaceship Rock," and Phillip thinks that is a perfectly acceptable way of describing her sound. Phillip functions best when swimming in a sea of synths. She often finds herself inspired and enraptured by the way light moves through the leaves of a tree, and has a healthy love of D'Anjou pears.

Olivia Reid

NYC-based Olivia Reid is one of the most versatile up-and-coming personalities in music. As a performing artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and podcast host of Song Start by Spotify, she has her fingerprint on every facet of the industry. Known for blending organic, acoustic sounds with electronic pop, Reid's sound design transports listeners to another world. Her warm, welcoming vocals give life to songs that push the boundaries of folk-pop storytelling through contemplative lyric poetry.

Her debut EP “Earth Water” hit streaming platforms in Fall of 2021, and with her debut album on the way in 2022, it's just the beginning of the journey for Olivia Reid. In addition to the music, check out Olivia's podcast chats with artists like Sam Smith, and Hayley Williams, and Victoria Monét, as host and writer of the Spotify & Noteable series, Song Start. Learn more about Olivia at