O Memorie w/ Yanise

March 1st, 2020 5pm   Stage 1


O Memorie w/ Yanise

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O Memorie is a storytelling concept-project from Joseph Ruddleston focusing predominantly on music about dreams and memories. Originally conceived in London in 2016, it first took the form of an LP called Something True, Ruddleston wrote 10 tracks, recording them lo-fi, unedited and barely finished through his cassette recorder, all in the space of 2 hours. The stream-of-consciousness, daydream-style approach to songwriting allowed him more creative freedom and led him to write a followup EP called Cave Drawings. Cave Drawings was his first inclusion of another musician, Australian singer Ruby Muller.

In January 2017, O Memorie released O Memorie, "the namesake's namesake, taking shape from a shaky bedroom-folk place, half awake." This self-titled album was a step forward to understanding O Memorie's fuller, wider style. It involved various collaborators from around the world, including Puerto-Rican shoegaze artist Días, and vocals from London singer Ms Kite. It premiered in the UK at Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's and in the US at Rockwood Music Hall.

Since the release of O Memorie, the project has expanded, transforming into a multimedia community, with art, poetry, music videos and stories surrounding the dream-memory theme, but also moving into themes of reality, truth, time, love, and other remarkable intangibles.

O Memorie's next self-titled LP, O Memorie II, released in 2019.