Olivia Lloyd

March 11th, 2020 6pm   Stage 1


Olivia Lloyd

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Raised in the oldest town in West Virginia, Olivia learned to sing and play guitar at the feet of her father, Greg. Surrounded by the area’s natural beauty, Olivia spent her childhood canoeing down the Potomac, hiking the Blue Ridge, and driving 60+ on back roads in the Eastern Panhandle. Her songs reflect both a yearning to return to that simplicity and natural beauty and the inner strength needed to plunge forward into the unknown.

After a college scholarship took her to Michigan, Olivia spent her early twenties rambling around North and Central America. She tried being a flight attendant, a waitress, a teacher — a little bit of everything. But through every phase in her life, songwriting has been a constant through-line. She was a finalist at the Ark songwriting competition in 2012, played Ann Arbor’s Art Fair stage, had her Tiny Desk Contest featured in the 2019 roundup of notable videos, and has made at least five separate people cry during one of her shows at Pete’s Candy Store.

Olivia will be releasing a debut album of original music in the Spring or Summer of 2020.