One South Lark, Run Wilson

July 19th, 2022 10pm   Stage 2


One South Lark


One South Lark’s sound seems to reflect the cultural zeitgeist of their generation: a desire to surf freely on the open ocean while ironically being stuck in the suburban sprawl of the city. The New Orleans indie rock quartet is a band that embodies the youthful nostalgia of their catchy, do-it-yourself backyard pop songs. It is no surprise that the group formed while still in high school, where they had their first local hit with the single Japanese Soda (2018) and traversed the New Orleans indie rock scene. The group maintains that bittersweet feeling of longing for summer days with their unique blend of surf rock, folk, and contemporary indie. All of their music is self-produced and self-released, and their 2020 project Vista Beach is their first full-length album.

“...if you’re feeling like a nerd in a John Hughes movie next summer, you can always program these [songs] for the beach…” - Offbeat Magazine

Run Wilson

Run Wilson's unique sound is almost too broad to be considered "indie rock". From hard hitting instrumentals, head banging live performance, and deep, rugged vocal ranges, to arpeggios and finger picked love songs, Run Wilson can truly do it all. 
 Rising onto the music scene in 2020, between 17 and 20 years old collectively, Run Wilson made their official debut with “Sherry Lane”, a 5 song EP. The group proved they could hold their own on the local scene with “Blue Jean Dream” gaining traction on streaming platforms. Nearing the end of 2020, the group released “DiCaprio”, a unique shoegaze ballad that caught listeners attention once again. The 2021 release of “Hypna”, a 14 song concept album detailing the state between reality and unconsciousness, put the young band in the local Des Moines spotlight once again.

The band is spread across the world for most of the year, with Eli Wilson spending time in Stockholm, Sweden, Max Yoder going to college in Nashville, TN, and Reed Andrews recovering from multiple surgeries in West Palm Beach, FL. However, this does not deter the band from fine tuning their sound, and progressing as a group. After spending 2021 and the front half of 2022 touring regionally and sporadically with the occasional interim member, the band plans to take their talents across the country together during Summer 2022.

"If you're a fan of Young The Giant, Hippo Campus, you're gonna love this shit" - Pretty Fort Weekly