November 30th, 2021 9pm   Stage 2


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Wesley Ruger Han 욱아 "oogah" was born and raised in Flushing, NY. He is a soft, musical, Korean boy who is looking for his country. As a child, his strong belief in the spiritual and intangible formed his desire to bring healing to people through music. For 10 years, every Sunday, he led church congregations into singing anthemic choruses and brought people together through song. These were the training grounds for his understanding on how to emotionally be in tune with the people as a single entity. His influences stem from Hans Zimmer, John Mark McMillan, and the bacon egg and cheese with green tea Arizona iced tea's littered across the deli's of Queens. His songs are an eclectic array that demonstrate the range of the vocal timbre of Dustin Kensrue of Thrice, and Lewis Capaldi. You can find him songwriting on the acoustic guitar, wherever it is allowed to be strummed; or creating modern, epic-sounding productions meant for the stadium. Wesley's ultimate desire is to unite and heal the world through music, word, and songs.