Orkestra Eustoria

February 13th, 2020 11:30pm   Stage 2


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Orkestra Eustoria

Orkestra Eustoria is the brainchild of NYC saxophonist Peter Sparacino. Through collaborations and chance encounters in the turbulent current of the NYC music scene, Orkestra Eustoria was formed in the vibrant international musical community based out of Queens, New York City.

In addition to Peter Sparacino on saxophones/compositions the Orkestra includes: Panagiotis Andreou on bass (Now Vs Now, The NY Gypsy Allstars), Isamu McGregor on keyboards (Virgil Donati, Tortured Soul, Richard Bona), Aki Ishiguro on guitar (San Fermin, Mural), and Engin Gunaydin on drums(The NY Gypsy Allstars). Additionally for the most debut album, "HyperGiant Hi-Fi" David Binney joined the project as producer.

The band began to form as Sparacino began to write music that attempted to clear personal musical hurdles. Whether it was acclimating to an 11/8 groove ("The Hustle"), attempting to write a tune in 30 minutes ("InterDweller"), or creating a composition by improvisation and overdubbing (the interludes), every tune became a lab for musical growth. The project began to show signs of life, the band booked gigs, the crowd responded with enthusiasm and momentum increased.

The band has performed extensively around NYC in venues such as the Blue Note, Rockwood Music Hall and NuBlu. Despite the band members' incredibly busy (and conflicting...) schedules, the band is currently booking winter dates in the Northeast and Canada in support of the debut album.