Ours - Performing Distorted Lullabies in its entirety

December 4th, 2021 7pm   Stage 2


Current New York City guidelines may restrict access to this event. Please visit our COVID-19 Information page for the most updated information regarding vaccine, testing, and mask requirements.
20 years ago Ours emerged with their first offering to the world, Distorted Lullabies. The album went on the be critically acclaimed and the first single Sometimes became a staple on MTV2.

For one night only the band will perform the entire album that has become a classic masterpiece in their catalogue.

If you know of Ours, you won’t want to miss this special event.



Why do Lana Del Rey, Rick Rubin and so many others in the music and entertainment industry feel that OURS is America’s best kept secret?

Among the renowned producers who worked on the band's first three albums (Steve Lilliwhite, Ethan Johns, Rick Rubin), the legendary Rick Rubin was full of praise for Jimmy Gnecco, who recorded a track for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, with nothing less than Brian May on guitar.

So was the late Chester Bennington (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots) who placed Jimmy Gnecco in the top 3 best singers of all time (see Louder / Metal Hammer 2017) along with Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley.

And what about Lana Del Rey, for whom Gnecco had performed as an opening act on her 2014 tour, and who is so adoring of him that she had gone so far as to write and perform a song in his honor called "Jimmy Gnecco".

Far from losing his mind upon hearing this chorus of praise, Jimmy Gnecco, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, has kept his feet on the ground, and maintained his artistic integrity. He has not hesitated to step away from the majors and the limelight, to put his heart and soul into writing, performing, recording, mixing and producing a 3-part work, which closes in 2021 with the release of a 17-song album soberly titled "OURS". "It was an insane process of going through 200 songs that I had written. I ended up recording somewhere around 80 of them" Gnecco says.

This latest album lives up to the band's boundless energy and passion at their live shows, which critics say rivals, in terms of intensity and emotion in particular, great bands like Queen and U2, as well as artists like David Bowie and Prince.

But beyond the comparisons, the band has developed a space of its own that draws you in and takes you to an unexpected place, where emotion meets magic. Over the years Jimmy Gnecco and Ours have remained faithful to the original intention of the band's creation: to touch people with the music, the lyrics, the voice, the songs, whether on album or live.

Today, the band composed of April Bauer (keyboards), Mikey Iasiello (guitars), Chris Iasiello (drums) and Carmelo Risquet (bass), is in perfect osmosis after days and nights spent rehearsing, over and over again, in order to propose OURS' most ambitious work to date.

If some tracks are clearly made for stadiums, others will reach the heart or the guts of the listener in his bus or his subway, in his living room or in his bedroom. The band indeed offers songs that are like invitations to travel. Their sound, huge and exciting, infiltrates the mind and heart of the listeners and raises their spirit to an unsuspected level. They never forget the details that make life worth living, and everyone can relate to the lyrics.

The band's first single, Echo, takes a refreshingly optimistic look at the future, as well as a strong reflection on the past. It arrives like a warm wave of sound that lifts the spirit and paints a clear picture of the euphoria one feels after a single listen.