Owen Danoff

January 9th, 2020 9:15pm   Stage 2


Owen Danoff

Owen Danoff grew up playing multiple instruments, but it wasn’t until discovering his first rock band, Green Day, that he embraced music as his true passion. It was that catalyst that led him to pick up the bass and electric guitar as well as pen his first song. With a Grammy award-winning songwriter father and a mother who owned a restaurant that doubled as a neighborhood music venue, it wasn’t surprising when Owen embraced his natural inclination for writing music and performing.

Despite his desire to perform, Owen focused on film scoring (inspired by John Williams) and bass while attending Berklee College of Music. Once graduated, he returned to the stage and began recording and releasing his own music. Invited to audition for NBC’s “The Voice,” he performed his way to the live shows and earned the distinction of being the first contestant ever to play bass on the show. The experience helped solidify Owen’s trust in himself as an artist and furthered his commitment to creating music that he truly believes in.

Following “The Voice,” Owen moved to Nashville, TN, home to some of music’s best songwriters and musicians of all genres. Writing steadily since his arrival, Owen has written and collaborated with artists in a number of musical styles - such as CMT’s “Nashville” star, Charles Esten, and electronic dance artist Vowed - while continuing to develop his own personal sound.

Inspired by classic songwriting from genres as diverse as Folk and R&B, Owen’s unique blend of modern pop sensibilities and singer-songwriter introspection makes for songs authentically his own, pairing the intimacy of self-reflection and personal experience with musical hooks and catchy melodies. “I started making music because it was a way to say what I couldn’t with words alone. As soon as I realized that, music went from something I loved and appreciated to something I absolutely had to do.”