September 29th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage


Rhasaan Oyasaba


Rhasaan Oyasaba is a native Brooklynite, born raised and presently residing in Flatbush. He is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work focuses on duality, inversion, and the struggle for freedom. He is a producer, songwriter, lyricist and vocalist, using drums, percussion, bass, keys, and guitar to create the The Flatbush Sound. From 2016-19, Rhasaan toured the world playing percussion and singing back-up with the amazing band Deerhunter for hundreds of thousands of people on Colbert, at Coachella, in Europe, Japan, and major venues across the USA. His latest album, entitled OYSTERS & ABSYNTHE - vol. 1, was self-released in April, 2022 on Bandcamp. He has self- released six albums as OYASABA, the Flatbush Sound, which are available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music. Rhasaan feels blessed and honored to work with such fine musicians over the years, and he is looking forward to cradling Rockwood in the Flatbush Sound....

Yusuke Yamamoto


Yusuke Yamamoto (channel U, Golden Monkeys) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. Yusuke plays vibraphone, percussion, drums, keyboards, flute and bass. He has performed, toured, and contributed to countless releases as a sideman, with a wide variety of musicians in the US, Japan, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Highlight performances include the Broadway musical FELA!, Blue Man Group's special appearances, and a solo set at renowned event AMBIENT CHURCH. Yusuke has released six albums of his own, most recently “Golden Monkeys 2” which is the 2nd album of his first band formed in 1996. Based in NYC since 1996, he has produced music for TV, commercials and video games. He recently began developing his ambient set including vibraphone and gamelan instruments with synthesizer and electronics. He continues to produce music as channel U and Golden Monkeys while collaborating with musicians from around the globe.

Multi-instrumentalist Mario A. Schoening


Multi-instrumentalist Mario A. Schoening writes and records music under the moniker Lokomoko and plays in several noise and pop projects across Hamburg/Germany and New York. His contributions and compositions can be heard on records and in films.