Paul Weinfield and Friends

February 28th, 2020 7pm   Stage


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Paul Weinfield

He remembers finding someone’s copy of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited on vinyl. He was nine, and within a few days he had memorized all the words to “Desolation Row.” That was the moment he realized that songs aren’t just tunes with words: they’re worlds that can be inhabited fully, worlds filled with strange characters, unexpected emotions, and lessons to be learned. That was the year he began to play guitar and dream up song-worlds of his own.

Since that time, Paul’s songwriting and playing have spanned an impressive range of styles and projects. He was front-man for the indie-folk project Tam Lin, which was hailed by No Depression Magazine as “unafraid of musical boundaries.” he co-fronted the vintage-rock group, Fairytales For the Fatherless, whose album was also turned into a feature-length film by the same name. In addition, he was a founding member of the future-folk EDM project, Gone Gone Beyond, with whom he played Coachella in 2018. Paul is now a solo artist.