Paulo Coelho

February 22nd, 2020 5pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Paulo Cohelo

Paulo Coelho was born in Tomar Portugal and landed in the US at 6 months old. His first instrument was the accordion at age 4 then went on to study Saxaphone, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Bass, all types and styles of World Percussion and every instrument he could get his hands on till discovering his voice in high school chorus. Chorus lead him to Star in the yearly musicals even as a freshman newcomer. He started writing at age 13 after assembling his 4 piece Rock Band. He would later study at the New Jersey City University as a Tenor Voice major while singing as a lead in the Gospel choir. The same would hold true at William Paterson University this time as a Baritone Voice major with his involvement as a lead in the Classical choir. After college the world would come calling and invite Paulo on tour with his own original project throughout Italy with Producer/Guitarist Nunzio Signore, Dave Johnson and Steve Logan. Soon after much success touring in Europe Paulo would be invited to the French Caribbean on tour followed by an invitation to travel, perform and record in Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam, Spain, Portugal and finally back to NYC. While performing in NYC Paulo Coelho met GAVIN DEGRAW and brother JOEY DEGRAW and was invited by Gavin to join him on his "Chariot" album tour as a guitarist and backing vocalist. In addition to touring with Gavin, Paulo also appeared in the "I DON'T WANNA BE" music video and recorded guitars and vocals on the "STRIPPED" album. This opportunity afforded Paulo to travel practically the entire United States as well as Japan in addition to performing live on shows such as: Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Carson Daily Show, Cold Pizza while performing for Mega-Stadiums. Today Paulo has focused again on his solo career and is promoting his newly released EP entitled "Paulofornia" recorded at Keaton Simons' Velicata Studios in California. You are invited to follow along as Paulo's music and its message grows. Thanks for reading and listening.