Paxton Pennington

January 12th, 2020 5pm   Stage 1


Paxton Pennington

Paxton Pennington is a 23-year-old electric guitar wizard born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. Backed by a multitalented full band, Pennington began regularly performing live in 2017 upon the release of his sophomore effort Open Sea. After three years of trial and error, the band found a textured sound that fits.

Pennington's music has since been described as a tasteful blend between the likes of Tom Petty & Ryan Adams. Pennington and his band pinned a short release, Smoke Rings, during the Fall of 2018. After unveiling the tracks, the band supported the effort by performing throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

Pennington has now relocated to New York City and begun to gain traction in the new city by performing regularly at iconic venues such as Rockwood Music Hall & The Bitter End. Pennington has also planned single releases for 2020 to support a string of performances up the east coast.