June 17th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Pencildive is a NYC-based rock band led by songwriter/guitarist Gina De Nardo. The sound ranges from tender to explosive, with punchy drums and gritty guitar interwoven with brooding melodies and live noise experiments.

In 2019 they released their debut EP, WHEN I GO OUTSIDE, and a short film for the song “Cricket Man.” Their full-length release, GROWN-UPS (Paintbox Records), is a louder and deeper exploration of De Nardo’s inner world. Her haunting vocals about lost love and sleepless nights slice through the group’s wild, electric arrangements in a frenzy of gloomy punk.

So what even is a pencildive? Ask De Nardo and she’ll tell you it’s the fastest way to the bottom – a morbid daydream, a shock to the system, a plunge that the band conveys through distortion, feedback loops, strings, and field recordings, all layered into music named after body parts. The as-of-yet-unreleased “Cover Your Ears” is a broken heart, and “Eyes” is a surf-punk party where the cassette tape warbles and warps into slow motion before abruptly catching fire.

Originally hailing from Saratoga Springs, the band enjoys a loyal fan base in the area. De Nardo moved to Brooklyn in late 2022, joining drummer Zach Hirsch and bassist Ryan Hopper. After exploring a handful of lineups the band has solidified as a power trio, and they are now working on a slate of new releases to reflect their current sound.