June 10th, 2022 11pm   Stage 1




Persons is a fun. quirky, and occasionally flashy cohort born out of its members' mutual admiration for each other's songwriting capabilities and instrumental prowess. After meeting at local shows in Brooklyn, Joe Reichel, Eric Ryrie, and Terry Edelmen became friends and decided to start a new band with an emphasis on collaborating as equal partners and contributors. Their explorations yielded tight compositions, catchy hooks, and sweet riffs, sprinkled with displays of effortless intricacy.

Joe (bass), Eric (guitar), and Terry (drums) have each shouldered front-person duties in past projects; here they trade lead vocal responsibilities and back each other up with tight multi-part harmonies. The interchange of their three distinctive voices keeps their music fresh and engaging as they cover territory from indie rock to power pop to grunge. Delivering a sound many times larger than seems possible with only three members, their performances are at once grand and playful with a rambunctious energy that invites audiences into their unique musical vision.