Pete Sinjin

February 18th, 2020 7pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Pete Sinjin

Pete Sinjin is best known as "Hootenanny Pete" around the Brooklyn neighborhood where he and his family have operated the 'Hootenanny Art House' since 2007.

Pete has shared his love of music with thousands of kids over more than a decade of teaching classes from California to Brooklyn.

He's played a wide variety of music his whole life, from punk to rockabilly to folk and country, and he's played it all for both adults and kids. You'll hear all these elements make their way into his own music, from Woody Guthrie's folk art stylings, to New Orleans street parade music, to the bass and groove of Kingston, Jamaica.

Pete's also had the great honor of appearing on Sesame Street, and performing in concert with Sesame's own Bob McGrath. He's even led kids through a Cuban inspired kids song in the Scarlett Johannson film, The Nanny Diaries.

Pete's first family album, Hoots, Hollers and Rooftop Serenades was released to coincide with his Americana inspired grown up album 'Better Angels Radio' in 2010. Mirroring that, 'House of Song' will be followed up closely with Pete's next music entry titled 'The Heart and the Compass’.