Peter Wise

June 24th, 2021 9pm   Stage 2


As of June 16, 2021, New York State has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions that apply to a venue of Rockwood’s size. In accordance with these revised guidelines, vaccination records will no longer be checked and entry will be permitted for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Social distancing and masks will not be required, although masks will remain recommended for non-vaccinated individuals.

Peter Wise

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Peter Wise is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York. His sound marries introspective lyricism with bluesy guitar lines, laid back rhythms, catchy hooks, and soulful vocals.

Wise has had the pleasure of collaborating with a wide range of artists, from The Eagles and Lisa Fischer to Liza Anne and Joey Dosik (Vulfpeck). After touring all over the country in 2019, Wise spent 2020 self- producing a six song EP, “Too Blind To Hear”. The lead singles “Fruits” and “Towering Over Me” immediately garnered traction on Spotify in hundreds of playlists, and close to a hundred thousand streams. American Songwriter remarks, “Songbirds chirp and the backing percussion throbs, immediately intensifying the emotional rush and spilling out into the room. In decorating his lyrics with such explosive dynamics, he conjures up a full-bodied listening experience.”

From Tonemill Blog: “Wise has delivered a powerful and relatable song with an emotional depth that captivates listeners. He has achieved a great feat as a songwriter: writing a tune that evokes both sympathy and empathy from his audience.” Wise has been working on more pop driven material for 2021, prepping releases for the spring and summer with subsequent tour dates in the works. The first single, “Window Dressing”, came out in April to international acclaim, with publications like Rolling Stone India, Metal Magazine, and Atwood Magazine raving about the song and corresponding music video. His follow up single, “Neutral”, will be out on June 24th. Stay tuned!