Pia Paez

February 21st, 2023 8:30pm   Stage 2


Pia Paez


Pia Paez also known as La Pia Paez is a pop singer/songwriter and producer born and raised in Mérida, Venezuela. She’s also lived in Sao Paulo, Brasil and since 2016 she's based in Brooklyn, New York. Her music combines elements of Piano Pop,R&B, Rock, Afro-Latin and Electronic beats.

Influences of Venezuelan folk music and Brazilian sounds can also be heard in her music and compositions. Her songs explore women’s perspectives, romanticism and immigration inspired by her own journey leaving her country currently in socio-political crisis.

She’s been nominated three times to the Pepsi Music Awards in Venezuela as Best New Artist in 2014, Best Alternative Album, and Best Alternative Artist in 2020. Her song Dios Mio was featured on the 6th season of the Netflix’s series “Elite”.

Her last releases include a Spanish cover song of the Swedish singer Lykke li’s “Follow Rivers”, translated and produced by Pia, and “Dios Mio” a feature with the American producer and artist “Blk Deco”. She has had features with Latin Grammy nominees “Charliepapa” and “Caseroloops”, and with rapper and actor “Budu”, among others. She performed live “Great Gig in The Sky” in the Venezuelan symphonic tribute to Pink Floyd “PinkFonik”, directed by Daniel Hurtado.