October 16th, 2022 8pm   Stage 1




Play_Ground is an eclectic musical unit, founded by versatile New York City based multi instrumentalists, Slovenian born Jan Kus and Puerto Rican born Dan Martínez, who also perform together as the backbone of NYC multicultural fusion ensemble Slavo Rican Assembly. Play_Ground made their live debut last year, and now return with their video debut, "Sketch".

Meeting during their formative musical years in New York, Kus and Martinez immediately felt a kinship in the vastness of their musical taste and their common interests outside of music.

After years of playing together in many numerous musical situations, ranging from Latin jazz to pop to Balkan music, flamenco and beyond, the two musicians were looking for a new platform, a vessel, on which they can spontaneously switch between various genres, in a borderless, free flowing conversation, reflective of the eclectic, multivalent world we live in today.

So they formed Play_Ground. Their own musical laboratory, fusing the youthful creative spontaneous playfulness of Play, and heavy, groovy and tradition-rooted grounding of Ground.

Play_Ground, is a unique musical treat, taking you on a musical journey spawning from electronic beats to Puerto Rican Bomba, Balkan music, Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop, fusing its founders' love for visual art, philosophy, Latin Jazz, backstreets of New York, jungles of San Lorenzo, Slovenian glacial lakes, outer galaxies, and much more.

Welcome to their private "play_ground", in which they invite you to dance with the ancestors and lose and re-discover yourself on this unique musical journey, which is nothing like what you’ve ever been on before.

Play_Ground is:

Jan Kus - saxophones
Dan Martinez - electric bass
Justin Salisbury - keyboards
Abel Tabares - drums, drum pad
Carolina Morales - live visuals