Preserve Rockwood Benefit Series: Freddi Shehadi

August 28th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


Freddi Shehadi


Freddi Shehadi is an Emmy award winning Recording Artist/Guitarist/ Producer living in New York City. He commands a wide range of styles and textures through his mastery on the guitar. He's worked with artists and industry greats as diverse as Debbie Harry from "Blondie" to Martin Sexton, Jose Feliciano, L.A. Reid and has performed across diverse idioms and styles on many great stages. Freddi can take you from soaring, intense passages to soft intimate interludes, weaving together rich spectrums of musical tapestry. He loves to capture the energy of a performance from spontaneity, preparation, improvisation and humor. Expect to feel as much as you hear from this dynamic musician.